Strategic Objectives

  1. To demonstrate the love and justice of God practically in the city centre
  2. To create small communities in which people can take the responsibility to help themselves
  3. To develop partnerships between the local community, city centre churches, local businesses, local government, SAPS, various service agencies, and other stakeholders
  4. To work for shared resources, facilities, people and vision
  5. To develop leadership with an emphasis on local community leadership
  6. To cross barriers of race, culture, language, gender, and denomination, and to build bridges of understanding and cooperation across different boundaries
  7. To develop a holistic approach to involvement in the city, integrating aspects such as housing, economic development, life and social skills, counselling, spiritual empowerment, and others
  8. To develop income-generating mechanisms in partnerships with various role players
  9. To manage available resources as good stewards of God’s gifts
  10. To call people of resource and pastors of city centre churches back to the city

Working towards healthy and vibrant communities

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