Our Values

We value God’s total redemption in Jesus Christ. His redemption is sufficient to bring healing in brokenness, salvation from both personal and systemic sin, reconciliation in division, justice where there is oppression and social transformation where systems are corrupted and communities deprived.

We value the city as a place where needs and resources meet, where justice and redemption could be experienced in individual relationships and on social structures, and where signs of God’s peace and kingdom could be established.

We value incarnation. We believe God’s challenge in Christ was for us to be an incarnational community in the city, a place of hope, and opportunity for friendship and a channel for God’s love.

We value community as a place of intimacy, where people’s dignity could be affirmed, a place of sharing within covenant relationships, a place of healing as people seek and struggle together.

We value the people to the city, envisage relationships in which liberation and empowerment could be experienced, and commit ourselves to the development of indigenous leadership in partnership with community people. We appreciate and respect the cultures of people, their own resources and capacities, and their capability to be empowered for the well-being of themselves and their communities.

We value compassion. In the spirit of Jesus who cried over the city and its people, we need to show compassion and tenderness in the brokenness of urban communities.

We value justice. We see Christ on the cross not only salvation, but also justice being done. We desire to follow Christ and the prophets of old in calling for justice in the city.

We value reconciliation. We call for reconciliation between people and God, people amongst themselves, people and nature, different churches, cultures and races, men and women, and so forth.

We value partnerships. Through shared vision, resources, facilities, people power, and training programmes, we are able to be more responsible stewards of God’s resources to us. We avoid duplication and fight against competition and power.

We value risk. We call for pioneer ministries into new areas of need and opportunity. We call for bold and creative ministry initiatives knowing that God would provide where He guides into new places.

We value a simple life-style. In the opposite spirit of our materialistic society, we call for simplicity and contentedness. We seek to be a prophetic witness against unnecessary and irresponsible consumption of God’s resources.

We value servant leadership which is committed to the city and in solidarity with the marginalised. We call for accountability from those in decision-making positions.

We value the integration of social ministry and evangelism. Christ’s redemption is complete and we oppose the superficial dichotomy which exists between sacred and public affairs. We call for holistic ministry which would demonstrate the love of God in every area of life.

We value biblical principles. We call ourselves and our ministry to continual reflection in the light of the Word in order for us to be faithful and responsible in our engagement with the world. We seek to be accountable and we appreciate critique as an opportunity for growth.

We value brokenness and confession. We recognize our own weakness and need for healing. In a spirit of brokenness, we should be a community in which confession and repentance form the foundation of our commitment, healing and reconciliation.

We value truth. In a society where there is such a lack of integrity, honesty and transparent relationships, we seek to create a space in which we could live in truth.

We value a spirituality which celebrates God in the city. We call people to a personal relationship with God, to the grace of the Father, the love of Christ and the guidance of and fellowship with the Holy Spirit. We call for radical discipleship as the only way to follow Jesus.

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