International Volunteers

Currently, nine international volunteers are working at TLF. Eight of them are Germans sent by our partner organizations “FRIENDS e.V” and “ELM”. The picture shows the current volunteers sent by the FRIENDS e.V. and ELM

Back v.l.t.r:
Rica Kamper; Klara Wieditz; Annelie Schröder; Lynn Falkenberg; Emilia Warzecha; Laura Nemati;
Front v.l.t.r:
Mike-Julian Helms; Dennis Borscheid; Sebastian Geiβler

For the first time in the history of TLF and FRIENDS e.V., we send two South Africans to volunteer in Germany. Dimakatso is working with refugees in Hanover, Innocent is working with the youth in Berlin.

Last update: May 2016