Gilead Health Unit

Our Vision

Offering health support in the city through the various outreach and drop-in centre programmes, assisiting people in need through referrals to hospitals, long term care facilities and health education.

In 2005 TLF started to address HIV/Aids in the inner city in a multi-organisational partnership. Through the support of strong partners such as USAID we were able to develop a holistic HIV/Aids programme including awareness raising, prevention, residential and home based care.

Our health unit currently manages Rivoningo Care Centre, accommodating 20 homeless people who are diagnosed as terminally ill.

Gilead, community house for 20 psycho-social disabled people started in February 2011 to assisting towards independent living and re-integration into society. We further provide long term care for 10 older people with psycho-social disabilities.


  • HIV/Aids awareness. education and prevention
  • provision of holistic palliative care and support
  • HIV/Aids counselling and testing
  • TB screening
  • Care for orphans and vulnerable children
  • Social services
  • Residential care for psycho-social disabled people
Account name: TLF Gilead
Bank name: nedbank
Branch code: 160445
Account No.: 1 101 242 248
International Transfers: NEDSZAJJ