"Our children are our greatest
treasure. They are our future."

Addressing Homelessness

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We partner with churches and communities for sustainable urban transformation, i.e.

  • Encouraging, empowering and journeying with people
  • Building inclusive and compassionate communities that practice justice and righteousness,
  • Where all people will sit at the table,
  • Having access to resources that will sustain life.

  • By being an intentional community that demonstrates the love and justice of God practically
  • By creating small communities in which people can experience healing, growth and wholeness, taking responsibility for helping themselves
  • By seeking ways to share resources and complement services
  • By finding creative and prophetic ways of building bridges between people irrespective of race, culture, age, ability, socio-economic status, gender, and religion
  • By fostering mutuality and equality in partnerships with people from all walks of life
  • By identifying and managing existing local assets, and developing new assets
  • By working towards sustainability and healthy physical environments, as responsible stewards of God’s resources
  • By identifying and empowering potential and existing local leaders
  • By reading and influencing urban policies, plans and processes, identifying and standing with marginalized and vulnerable people and communities
  • By being a learning organization, holding each other accountable and striving towards excellence and professional service

We work in the following areas:

  • Women and girls at risk
  • Homelessness
  • Community development
  • Health & child care
  • Inner city housing
  • Economic development

Based in the inner city of Tshwane through community development programmes, and partnering with local urban initiatives in the Tshwane Metropolitan Area and beyond.

Our History and Background

In 1993 Pretoria Community Ministries (PCM) was established in response to the changing nature of the inner city and related challenges. Six inner city churches joined hands to form an ecumenical trust—PCM, and what started small in 1993, with no budget, property or blueprint, developed into a multi-faceted movement or family of communities, programmes and institutions by 2003.

In the year of its tenth anniversary, we discerned the need to become more proactive and bolder even in our response to urban challenges. We created the Tshwane Leadership Foundation to strengthen the unfolding movement of churches, communities and programmes with capacity, resource development, advocacy and policy work, communication and marketing, and spiritual nurture. An important part of the work of the Foundation would be to create an own income base that will help sustain and incubate innovative and transformational urban programmes.

The Foundation will continue to support and incubate programmes in the inner city of Tshwane, but are increasingly involved in a facilitating or supportive role with churches, CBO’s and NGO’s in the Greater Tshwane Metropolitan Region.