An Advanced Programme
Offered by the Centre for Contextual Ministry at the University of Pretoria

Students who qualify can offer this programme as part of the course work requirements towards a structured Honours or Masters Programme in the Faculty of Theology

This programme is designed for urban practitioners engaged in church or community ministry, faith-based or non-profit organizations, citizen or public sectors, or related transformational urban work.

It seeks to equip leaders for value-based urban transformation (i.e. personal, organizational, communal, and systemic) with a desire to facilitate social inclusion, overcome vulnerability and demonstrate a greater sense of shalom / wholeness in urban communities.

The programme is integrating the following components in its design and methodology:

  • Theoretical foundations
  • Practical-strategic competencies
  • Spiritual formation
  • Community formation

The programme is running over 12 months, with 5 intensive weeks of contact time in the period, interspersed by assignments, mini-consultations, research and literature studies, and on-line interactive time.

Week 1

Construct and articulate their own local urban theology, including a critical reflection on leadership for urban transformation, and the ability to engage with contextual and urban theologies, and leadership theories

Day 1   To Know as We are Known: Introductions
Day 2   Doing Theology in the City
Day 3  Transformation – Incarnation
Day 4 Transformational urban leadership: servants from below

Week 2

Engage in critical readings of the city in terms of (i) systems and powers shaping it, (ii) the multiplicity of socio-cultural narratives and the city’s diversity, as well as (iii) different church, faith and institutional responses to urban challenges

Day 1   Layers of urban narrative: on reading the city
Day 2 Different Urban Readings
Day 3 Power and powerlessness in the city
Day 4 Urban Culture & Urban Neighbourhoods  Part I
Day 5 Faith, the City and I

Week 3

Develop a hopeful imagination for urban alternatives, rooted in a concrete spirituality, and in conversation with contextual theologies, global and local social movements, the global urban church, and their own local contexts, i.e. communities, partners and organizations

Day 1 Theological reflection and urban reality
Day 2 Fresh imaginations from around the globe
Day 3 The Art of Imagineering
Day 4 Concrete Spirituality

Week 4

Develop an understanding of transformational urban development – i.e. visions, languages, practices and methods – as it relates to (i) personal & institutional transformation, (ii) community transformation, and (iii) healing, reconciliation and social cohesion

Day 1 Between personal, institutional& urban transformation: a narrative of multiple journeys
Day 2 Community transformation: Johannesburg
Day 3 Community transformation: Pretoria
Day 4 Community transformation: the role of government, private sector & the academy

-Community transformation: the role of the church & civil society
-Healing the urban fractures: healing, reconciliation & social cohesion
-What is happening to me? What has to happen with me?
-Building an Inclusive Ministry Praxis

Week 5

Integrate and consolidate learning and translate it into a viable, smart and sustainable urban community / ministry praxis, understanding all the key components of a transformational urban praxis, project planning and project execution

Day 1   Church, God’s household and the City
Day 2 Developing a Sustainable Urban Ministry Praxis (Part I)
Day 3 Developing a Sustainable Urban Ministry Praxis (Part II)
Day 4 Holding on and Being Held

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