The inner city is a catch basin for people from all over, seeking employment and to improve their lives. People end up homeless as they could not find the utopia that they hoped for. When you end up on the street, this means that you no longer have a social support structure, no family, no catch-net, nowhere to turn to. You are on your own. There are many organisations in the city doing good work, journeying with vulnerable people. But approaching the end of the year, we tend to forget that vulnerable people need support even throughout the Christmas time.

During the Christmas time, the city becomes almost a ghost town. People leave for vacation, to visit families or to go home. The most vulnerable, the people without families, people who are on their own, stay behind in the city. While the Christmas time is a time of celebration and for families to be together, for the most vulnerable people this is one of the loneliest times in the year. Most organisations close over this time, there is little to no food available for people who are homeless, except for the odd church that gives food on Christmas day.

TLF hosts an annual Christmas in the Park for the most vulnerable in the city. This year it will start with Christmas Carols on Sunday 17 December and continue with a weeklong programme until 22 December. On 22 December the weeklong programme will be ended with a Christmas lunch whereby vulnerable children, youth, men and women receive presents.

Please help us spreading the joy of Christmas with vulnerable communities in the inner city by donating gifts to TLF or making a monetary donation

Bank: Nedbank Ltd
Acc Name: Tshwane Leadership Foundation
Acc No: 1101233664
Branch Code: 160445
Ref: Christmas

As registered NGO and PBO, TLF is able to provide relevant documentation for donations

The Christmas in the Park programme is open to anyone and everyone

Contact Victoria Boshoga on 012 320 2123 or for more information or you wish to visit us