The Feast of the Clowns IS:

  1. A celebration of the city, its diversity, and God’s presence in the city. 
  2. A community-based festival, run by the community and for the community.
  3. An awareness-raising platform for various social justice issues, and a peaceful playful protest, reclaiming the city
  4. The Feast is not only an event but embedded in a much larger community transformation process towards healthy communities and spaces
  5. The Feast of the Clowns is 20 years old this year!

This year’s Feast of the Clowns theme is #OWNOURCITY

Addressing various concepts of ownership and a reimagined city.

Please join us for our 13 part Feast of the Clowns workshop Series on the theme (See programme attached) and the main festival concluding this year’s Feast- with the Colorful Clown March, Live music, games and activities, park performers, stalls, health village and more 17 August 2019, at Burgers Park, Pretoria CBD

To register for workshops or for more information contact