Inkululeko Community & Day Care Centre

Our Vision

We see our property as a hub for community life where people flourish in God’s purpose.

Our programme is situated on the south-western area of the CBD and comprises of 123 houses with a population of approximately 8 000. In 1998, a vacant church building in the Salvokop community was identified, bought and converted into a multi-purpose centre. The initial focus of activity was the establishment of the Day Care Centre.

Over time a number of additional programmes and projects were added and these include the following:

  • Pre-school an Early Childhood Development programme for 3 to 6 year olds
  • Afternoon Programme: Homework Help Centre & Recreational Activities
  • Vana Va Hina (Our Children”) – a project focusing on children’s rights and participation & Holiday Program
  • Outreach programme, focusing on socio-economic challenges affecting the community
  • A Drop-in, an outreach activity assisting the community with food parcel when available, counselling and referrals
  • Community Development Programme, focusing on supporting community formations and initiatives


Was established in 2000 with only 8 children and since then more than 1200 children have gone through our Early Childhood Development programme where they received the strong foundation for their future education. We offer a holistic education curriculum in the form of spiritual, mental, social, physical and emotional.

Afternoon Programme

Through the request by parents in 2005, the Homework Help Centre and Recreational activities was established where primary school learners from Grade 1 to Grade 5 are supported with their homework and participate in recreational activities and a Book & Toy Library programme.

Vana Va Hina

This was programme was established in 2010 focusing on Children’s Rights and participation advocacy work. More than 1000 kids are reached and empowered annually through mid-week after school activities and during holiday programme. Vana Va Hina enhances the children’s education and empower them with regards to enabling them to see their worth and to have an amplified voice. The programme organizes and implement Holiday Programs throughout the year as a vehicle to reduce children at risk and for educational and recreational purposes in Salvokop and the inner city.

Outreach Programme

Daily reaching out to Salvokop and homeless community to identify and address socio-economic challenges encountered by our community. Activities such as HIV/AIDs, Dental Mobile Clinic, referrals forms part of the outreach programme.


Provides counselling, clothes and food parcels when available, through our partnership with UNISA, social work students do individual and group counselling and support, and case studies. Referrals to relevant government institutions and other programmes within Tshwane Leadership Foundation are provided.

Community Development Programme

Ongoing support is provided to community formations and initiatives in form of Salvokop Residents Committee, Salvokop Development Forum, Youth Development Forum, Faith Organizations, and Community Policing Forum with regard to space for meetings and advocacy.

Account name: TLF Inkululeko Day Care
Bank name: nedbank
Branch code: 160445
Account No.: 1101236825
International Transfers: NEDSZAJJ