Feast of the Clowns

Our Vision

The Feast of the Clowns is a big annual city festival where 20,000 people celebrate diversity.

The Feast of the Clowns is an annual city festival, taking place in August. Starting as a one-day festival in 2000, It Is now an established seven-day festival that hosts more than 20,000 people.

The Feast of the Clowns is a family orientated festival, accessible to both local and neighbouring communities, including the most vulnerable members of society.

It celebrates the diversity of the inner city, creates a Platform for emerging, as well as established artists, and raises awareness on social issues affecting the city and the surrounding community. The highlight of the festival is the colourful march of the clowns through the inner city streets that attracts more than 4000 participants, raising social awareness and encouraging dialogue.


  • art competitions and workshops
  • a short film festival
  • theatre performances
  • social Justice workshops
  • the March of the Clowns
  • fun and games for the young and old food stalls, crafts and exhibitions
More information
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