Institute for Urban Ministry

Isithebe provides structural, operational and strategic support to the Tshwane Leadership Foundation.
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Journeying with homeless men and boys by seeking holistic healing and integration into society through outreach, drop in centre and employment centre. +27(0) 12 320 2123

The Potter’s House

A residential care programme for women-in-crisis and their children and a drop in centre that supports women on the street through holistic interventions +27(0) 12 320 2123

Gilead Health Unit

Providing transitional residential care for people living with psycho-social disabilities and vulnerable persons who need palliative and geriatric care.

HIV testing and counseling mobile services

The HTS team integrates communities and provides HIV and AIDS awareness, campaigns, education and prevention. Key populations targeted are sex workers and PWID (Cosup). HTS services are implemented according to 90-90-90 strategy.

HTS also provides HIV and AIDS counseling and testing, TB and STI screening, defaulter tracking, family planning, BP, Blood glucose check up and weight monitoring. Referrals for family planning and VMMC. Ensuring continuum of care and follow ups on adherence and rehabilitation. HTS also works with the outreach teams to identify communities and supporting with basic health care alongside the Street-medicine programme +27(0)12 323 6692


Finding and befriending people who fall through the gaps of society and find themselves on the streets or in precarious housing situations, and offering support. +27(0) 0213202123

Institute for Urban Ministry

Equipping leaders and practitioners to reflect on their contexts and the issues of their communities through contextual courses +27(0) 12 320 2123

Migrants and Families

The Migrants and families programme provides holistic care for migrants, vulnerable families and refugees and asylum seekers within the Tshwane region through a drop in centre, outreach and document assistance +27(0) 12 320 2123

Lerato House

Providing residential care for girl-children at risk and offering holistic support to girls on the street through a drop in centre +27(0) 12 733 8349

Inkululeko Community Centre

An early childhood development centre with focus to empower children regarding their rights and responsibilities +27(0)12 321 1099

Urban Studio

The Urban Studio project is in partnership with universities in Tshwane, seeking to develop community based urban praxis. The Urban Studio activities are fully integrated in TLF’s activities, focussing on community development for vulnerable communities as well as organisation through Tshwane and Gauteng. The project assists communities and organisations to develop community based projects to empower, build capacity and skills. +27(0) 12 420 4952

The Feast of the Clowns

The Feast of the Clowns is an annual city community festival. What started as an one-day festival in 2000, has grown into a seven-day festival that hosts more than 20,000 people with a workshop series, and various activities promoting social justice awareness and calls and training towards action. The Feast of the clowns is an accessible family orientated festival, aiming to be inclusive to the most vulnerable members of the society. We celebrate diversity of the inner city, creating platforms for artists, and raising awareness on social issues affecting the city and encouraging dialogue. +27(0) 12 320 2123.

The Inn

The Inn is a supportive housing project of Tshwane Leadership Foundation in partnership with Yeast City Housing, working towards making a real long-term difference by developing a residential programme designed specifically to the holistic needs of 30 vulnerable older persons.

The Inn aims to provide dignified and much needed care for older vulnerable persons of the city, who can become neglected and isolated by creating safe haven and new opportunities to become part of a grounding and flourishing community.

Tau Village

Tau is a supportive housing project of Tshwane Leadership Foundation, designed specifically to provide for the holistic needs and dignified, long term care of vulnerable older persons with special needs and without family support by creating a safe haven and a grounding and flourishing community.


NICDAM designs, develops and implements Training programmes and campaigns in response to the social needs of society and communities. The NICDAM team is trained and equipped to inspire positive values among young people and communities to become agents of change, also focussing particularly in the training and creating platforms for parents and children to be able to be more open and preventative about issues like STI’s and HIV/AIDS, Gender-based violence and substance abuse. This unique programme seeks to create enabling environments in which men, women and young people can dialogue about relevant issues and receive education and methods of engagement.

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