Access to fresh produce in the city is mostly a luxury that the most vulnerable in society does not have the privilege to. Part of living life to its fullest, overcoming illness, and being able to work every day, one has to eat healthily.

On 16 & 17 January 2018, Akanani teamed up with the National Department for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries; Directorate: Water Use and Irrigation Development to build two Tower Gardens. The two days included theoretical training about the advantages and disadvantages of Tower Gardens; how to build a Tower Garden; and what is grey water and how to use it; It also included practical training in the physical setup of the Tower Garden. People that are homeless, students, volunteers, and staff were trained.

We want to thank Department for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries; Directorate: Water Use and Irrigation Development for the training and materials for the 2 Tower Gardens.

The Tower Gardens are only the first step to ensuring access to fresh produce for vulnerable communities in the city. We want to become sustainable with our food gardens and contribute to food security. We need the following to grow our garden:

  • Gardening equipment such as spades, gardening scissors, and wheelbarrows
  • Seeds
  • Shade netting (to keep the birds out and build more tower gardens)
  • Steel Droppers (to build more tower gardens)
  • Gravel/flat stones (to build more tower gardens)

If you want to donate items to assist to grow the garden, please contact Wayne Renkin on 081 789 7835 or
You can also donate money to:
Account name: TLF Akanani
Bank name: Nedbank
Branch code: 160445
Account No.: 1 101 237 473
International Transfers: NEDSZAJJ